Качество, дизайн и эксклюзивность уже 180 лет


Alf Lie 1836

A dream that can be only hand delivered


Alf Lie 1836

As of today, Alf Lie 1836 is one of the very few independent watchmakers left in the world. Our vision is to combine the fine art of traditional watchmaking with the ultimate in high technology – two sides of our Swiss and Norwegian heritage. All the timepieces are 100% made and assembled by hand at the workshop in Geneva. Each model is produced in very small, exclusive series by hand and is individually numbered. Alf Lie 1836 is the only brand that gives a lifetime warranty on the watches



AL01 Chrono Flying Tourbillon

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Tribute To The Past

180 year anniversary

The "180 Year Anniversary" collection pays tribute to the legacy of the brand’s founders, who were illustrious watchmakers recognized by their peers, and to the strong ties that have always existed between ALF LIE and Switzerland especially through exceptional Swiss Watchmaking.